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Moving On Again! was written in 2007 for the young English bassist, Eloise Riddell. Commissioned by her family, the suite of three pieces uses a range of jazz and popular styles to create new and exciting music for the young progressing bassist who is confident in thumb position.

Blues with a Swing is lively and rhythmic with effective syncopations to move the music swiftly along. The piece begins and ends with a jazz pizzicato figure, contrasting a 'swinging' middle section, played arco, which employs a range of unison melodies with an independent and incisive piano accompaniment.

Cool Jazz, the shortest of the three movements, has a dance-like feel, a jig almost, but with a number of popular music influences. Much of the melodic material is given to the double bass and a strong rhythmic drive and momentum push the piece to a strong and successful conclusion.

Wild Ceilidh is full of rhythmic energy and drive, with an alternating 2/4 and 6/8 format throughout. A more relaxed and cantabile middle section is framed by music of great rhythmic momentum for both players. This is high octane music which offers effective musical and technical challenges and would suit anyone who has enjoyed Junior Jazz Book 1 and 2.

This is typical of the player-friendly music by Tony Osborne and the pieces have been a great success in performance. Music to get the toes tapping!