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Having been considered as a 'fashionable' and 'cliché' composer of his day, Hahn's compositions are possibly not as well-known as they ought to be. Latin Studies, however, shatter these prejudices held, representing the engaging diversity of the composer's music.

Venezuelan born Reynaldo Hahn (1875-1947) entered the Paris Conservatoire at 10 years old. He received a high standard of musical education from Decombes, Lavignac, Dubois and Massenet before becoming a prolific and versatile composer himself, writing works for all genres. For Hahn, music was a magical art and his compositions often contain expressions of his otherwise hidden emotions and moods. With each of the ten pieces in Latin Studies arranged for a different selection of solo or ensemble voices, Hahn's Latin Studies provides pleasant and evocative pieces, incorporating a range of expressions, rhythms and other musical features.