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'The Really Easy Oboe Book was written for players of Grade 1 - 2 standard. This new book continues where the former publication left off, addressing the Grade 3 - 5 level. As the oboe parts are a little more advanced than in my previous book, it is inevitable that the piano parts are also slightly more advanced in the new one. They are, however, still playable by second or third study pianists. As I, myself, am to piano playing what Julie Andrews is to Rugby League, I have worked to the remit that if I can play the piano parts, - anybody can!

As with The Really Easy Oboe Book, although the book is a set of pieces to be enjoyed by young oboists, there is a carefully planned study element which underpins the whole series of pieces. The book is designed to progressively introduce new notes, new techniques and new musical issues as they become appropriate. Indeed, this is one of the key aspects of the book.

Both teachers and pupils seem to prefer books which contain a mixture of styles and idioms rather than books which focus on just one type of music. The new book reflects this preference. Below is a full list of the 20 pieces contained within the book, complete with practice notes (which are also provided with each copy). This will give you a comprehensive view of the whole book and its contents.'

Robert Hinchliffe