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This book contains everything needed to prepare for the performance and technical work components of a Trinity Electronic Keyboard Grade 8 exam from 2019. All pieces have been composed or arranged specifically for the keyboard, and encompass a wide range of styles – from classical favourites to TV, film or show themes. The ‘own interpretation’ piece allows the candidate to create a personal arrangement, choosing their own voices, style, keyboard functions and interpretation. Also included are the scales, chord knowledge and exercises that form the technical work component of the exam. Demonstration recordings can be downloaded free.

This series provides progressive steps in performance and keyboard functions for all electronic keyboard students, whether preparing for a Trinity exam or studying on another path.

Note: Effective immediately, Trinity’s Electronic Keyboard and Organ syllabus will no longer operate with an end date. The current syllabus will remain valid indefinitely, and any necessary planned updates communicated at least 12 months in advance. Therefore, the Trinity Electronic Keyboard Exam Pieces & Technical Work publications will remain valid for exams until further notice. Trinity will be gradually amending the covers on these books upon reprint to ‘from 2019’, however there are books in circulation which state ‘2019-2022’. The change to syllabus arrangements overrides the dates printed on the cover of the book. Full information about syllabus arrangements can be found at: