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Dragonetti's Concerto in C major is a charming and accessible three-movement work for the good intermediate bassist. The first movement is longer than the other two movements combined and is similar to Cimador's Concerto in G major in terms of structure and level of difficulty.

This new edition for double bass and piano is in orchestral tuning and includes two double bass parts - one edited and corrected by David Heyes and a second copy which is a newly typset version of Dragonetti's original, wrong notes and all! The music is lively and rhythmic, dramatic and lyrical, and this new edition brings this long forgotten work back to life. There are few technical challenges but much to enjoy, particularly in the orchestral register of the instrument, and this is ideal as both a study work and also for the concert hall.

Few dynamics were included in the original manuscript and editorial ones have been added in brackets []. Wrong notes and missing accidentals have been added, which can be compared between the two solo parts, and a new piano accompaniment, which is both lively and supportive has been created for this first edition.