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The Album for the Young Bass Clarinetist provides the beginning-intermediate player with a series of short, accessible pieces arranged for bass clarinet with piano accompaniment from a broad range of beautiful repertoire. The album provides ideal teaching material for young students and those who may have just transitioned to bass after starting on the soprano clarinet. This album would be an excellent choice for the student not quite ready for the more difficult pieces in Alea's Contest Album.

The contents, listed below in detail, range from short excerpts of works, to some works presented in their entirety. As such, some of the selections could work well as a student's first experience playing with an accompanist, while others would be great choices for a first solo contest performance on bass clarinet! An extended-range instrument is not required, and the range expectations throughout the album are quite reasonable. Although some of the arrangements maintain the key of the original composition, others have been transposed to keep the young bass clarinettist in comfortable keys.