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Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Harp (Non-Pedal) 2016-2019
Three pieces are to be played. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

Pieces (select one from each list)

PiecesAvailable In
1. Presto, no. 4
Arne, ed. Bouchaud
2. Sleepers Awake (Wachet Auf)
J S Bach, arr. Volpé Bligh
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3. Bourée, no. 5
Baron, trans. Ward
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4. Up (Theme from Disney-Pixar’s Up)
Giacchino, arr. Woods
5. Petite Sonate
6. Theme and Variations
7. Concerto
8. Variations on the Scottish Air 'When She Cam Ben'
O’Carolan, arr. Asni
9. Carolan’s Draught
O’Carolan, arr. Robertson
10. Marionas
Ruiz de Ribayaz
11. Study no. 5
12. Carol
13. Dance of the Sandpiper
14. John Anderson
Trad., arr. Bzhezhinska
15. Arrane y Chlean
Trad., arr. Hair
16. Graih Foalsey
Trad., arr. Hair
17. Hiraeth (Longing)
Trad., arr. Heulyn
18. Huna Blentyn (Sleep, My Baby)
Trad., arr. Heulyn
19. Lisa Lân (Fair Lisa)
Trad., arr. Heulyn
20. Sgian Dubh
Trad., arr. Hewat
21. Mac Og an Iarla Ruaidh
Trad., arr. Jackson
22. Derwentwater
Trad., arr. Mieras
23. Now Bank and Brae are Claithed in Green
Trad., arr. Mieras
24. On a Bank of Flowers
Trad., arr. Mieras
25. Paddy Fahy’s Jig and The Heather Jig
Trad., arr. O’Farrell
26. Chili Pepper Rag
27. The Pink Coyote
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28. Ralph & Thelma
Volpé Bligh
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