The international exam board for the performing arts and English language

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Electronic Keyboard 2015-2018
Three pieces are to be played, at least one from each group, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

Pieces (select one from each list)

Group AAvailable In
1. Czardas
Monti arr. Proudler
2. Flight of the Bumblebee
Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Clarke
3. Feeling Good* (*own interpretation)
Bricusse/Newley arr. Proudler
4. Palladio
Jenkins arr. Clarke
5. Kissing A Fool** (**improvisation)
Michael arr. Litten
6. Spring Dance
ExercisesAvailable In
1. Smoothly Does It
2. All Fired Up
3. Ornamental Cascade
Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Technical Work
2. Aural Tests