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Grade 5 piano book for Trinity College London exams 2015–2017, featuring repertoire specially selected by leading piano educators and new technical work exercises. The book contains a supporting CD and teaching notes, each covering both the main and alternative pieces for this grade.

Please note that the book does not contain the sheet music for the alternative repertoire.

The supporting CD features recordings by Pamela Lidiard (alternative repertoire included).

Audio Samples
Jones: Giga in D minor
Scarlatti: Capriccio in G
Diabelli: Sonatina in F op. 168 no. 1; 3rd movement Rondo
Vogel: Andantino; from Sonata on Magic Flute themes op. 48
Granados: Dedicatoria: from Cuentos de la Juventud op. 1
Goedicke: Miniature op. 8 no. 10
Gillock: Mister Trumpet Man
Roxburgh: Spanish Dancer from Les Miroir de Miro
Balch: What to do when it rains
C. P. E Bach: La Caroline
Beach: Pantalon
Chapple: Washtub Rag
Kabalevsky: Dance
Burgmüller: Heimkehr
Hedges: In a Playful Mood
Milhaud: Les Jouets (Toys)
Shostakovich: Romance
Tansman: Vienna Waltz

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